your first 30 days as a real estate agent (Launching With A Major blast)

Updated: Jan 5

It is crucial, for real, to watch this video 👆👆👆 if you just started building your career in real estate or you need to boost production ASAP!

Most people (98%) will only do what everyone is doing. But the 2% will always quantum leap because they're willing to put in the sweat and hard work even (and especially) when it's no fun or boring.

What should you do in the next 30 days to make sure your real estate career is accelerating?

Well, I covered this important subject in detail, sharing with you exactly what you should focus on doing for 30 days straight.

You're looking into 10-12 hour a day of hardcore prospecting and lead generating. You're looking at 2-3 hours a day of STUDY & PRACTICE the scripts and memorizing (or better said: Internalizing) the language. So 80% of the day is focused on lead generation and 20% on study. You must also study the MLS like an analyst (not an amateur) and know INSIDE & OUT what's going on in your niche market.

It is mind blowing how 85% of all Real estate agents all across the board FAIL. Now everyone has a different definition to what constitute failure, but in my book if you can not close minimum 1 sale a month you're failing. If you joined real estate for extra income, or just to do part time, than this entire subject of conversation is not for you.

I am targeting those who wish to seriously grow in production or launch a 7 figure (or at least $250K a year) in this message. It doesn't take a genius to get this done. It takes a humble but hard working individual who's coachable and willing to follow guidance and do what is needed.

In the next few weeks I will release multiple videos on my YouTube channel, with this topic, how to go to 6-7 figures by listing and selling real estate.

Stay Tuned 😃👍✅

Coach Ran Biderman

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