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Participating in our weekly group coaching sessions for Realtors offers a myriad of benefits, with consistency being a pivotal factor in unlocking long-term success.


Here are the top advantages and why committing to the full 52 weeks, covering 52 topics, is a game-changer for agents and brokers seeking to enhance their real estate game and secure more listings:

  1. Comprehensive Skill Development: Over the 52-week duration, participants gain exposure to a diverse range of topics, ensuring a holistic skill development journey. From negotiation strategies to marketing techniques, each session contributes to a well-rounded skill set.

  2. Building a Strong Foundation: Consistent engagement establishes a strong foundation for continuous growth. The weekly structure allows agents and brokers to reinforce key concepts, fostering a deeper understanding and application in their day-to-day operations.

  3. Adaptation to Market Trends: Real estate is dynamic, and our sessions evolve to address the latest market trends. Consistent participation ensures that agents and brokers stay ahead of the curve, adapting their strategies to the ever-changing real estate landscape.

  4. Networking Opportunities: Over the course of 52 weeks, participants form connections with fellow professionals. These networking opportunities open doors for collaboration, idea-sharing, and potential partnerships that can significantly impact their real estate ventures.

  5. Focused Goal Setting: Consistency facilitates the establishment of clear goals and objectives. Agents and brokers can methodically track their progress over the 52 weeks, allowing for continuous refinement of their targets and strategies.

  6. Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills: Exposure to a variety of topics enhances problem-solving skills. Agents and brokers learn to approach challenges with a versatile mindset, drawing from the insights gained throughout the 52-week program.

  7. Increased Confidence: Continuous learning and improvement naturally boost confidence levels. Agents and brokers who consistently engage in the sessions find themselves more self-assured in navigating complex real estate scenarios and interactions.

  8. Practical Application: The weekly structure provides ample time for practical application of the learned concepts. Agents and brokers can implement strategies in real-time, refining their approach and maximizing the impact on their real estate endeavors.

  9. Long-Term Relationship Building: The extended duration of 52 weeks fosters long-term relationships among participants. This sense of community becomes a valuable support system, offering encouragement, advice, and camaraderie throughout their real estate journey.

  10. Quantifiable Results: Consistency allows agents and brokers to measure and track their progress over time. The 52-week program provides a tangible timeline for improvement, making it easier to assess the direct impact on their ability to secure more listings and elevate their real estate game.

In essence, the 52 weeks, 52 topics approach ensures that participating agents and brokers not only acquire valuable knowledge but also apply it consistently, resulting in a transformative and enduring impact on their real estate success.

"  Ran has lead me to the next level of my career (From 5 to over 50 deals a year)"

THE details

Location: This is an Online event (live via zoom)

When: Every Tuesday at 9am EST!

Price: FREE!


Stefano Filasto real estate broker and trainer Rome Italy

Stefano Filasto
Broker Owner

Remax Abacus, Rome Italy

Ran is not just a business coach. He is one of the most brilliant person I have ever met in my life. He’s highly passionate about coaching other people, because he has a great sense of altruism. Ran is always pursuing the objective of let people do the best they can for themself, their families, their careers, and he is very good at it.

NY Real Estate Broker review

Shmaya Haskel,
Broker Owner

"  Ran has been working with our real estate agency for over 5 years now, he has helped myself and our company grow leaps and bounds with his insight on systems, recruiting and training. I would highly recommend ran for any brokerage owner or team to take them to the next level!"

Review for Ran Biderman, from NY Real Estate Broker Ilan bracha

Ilan Bracha, 
Broker Associate

"  Ran is a great guy and a very talented coach...always focus on growth, lots to learn from...if you're a broker or a real estate agent and you want a coach with a different point of view... I highly recommend  you to work with Ran"

Realtor celina Lemos participant

Celina Lemos

"  Coaching with Ran changed my life and my career. I was able to reach higher levels in my real estate career with his coaching one on one, I was able to reach top producer level. Ran is very experienced and pushed me to be best version of myself... Ran is the coach you need to hire to unleash your full potential!"

Who Should Attend?

Weekly real estate coaching sessions are beneficial for a wide range of professionals within the real estate industry. The following individuals can particularly benefit from attending these sessions:

  1. Real Estate Agents: Both new and experienced real estate agents can gain valuable insights, improve their skills, and stay updated on industry trends through coaching sessions.

  2. Brokers: Brokerage owners and managers can enhance their leadership skills, learn effective strategies for recruiting and managing agents, and stay informed about market changes that impact their business.

  3. Real Estate Trainers: Individuals actively engaged in buying and selling real estate can benefit from coaching to refine their negotiation skills, marketing techniques, and overall approach to client interactions.

  4. Real Estate Investors: Investors looking to navigate the complexities of real estate investments can gain valuable insights on market trends, financial strategies, and risk management through coaching sessions.

  5. Property Managers: Those involved in property management can learn best practices for tenant relations, property maintenance, and compliance, ensuring smooth operations in the management of rental properties.

  6. Real Estate Developers: Individuals involved in real estate development can benefit from coaching on project management, market analysis, and navigating regulatory landscapes for successful project execution.

  7. Real Estate Marketing Professionals: Marketing specialists focused on promoting real estate properties can gain fresh perspectives on effective marketing strategies, digital marketing trends, and maximizing property visibility.

  8. Home Stagers: Professionals involved in staging homes for sale can learn about the latest design trends, effective staging techniques, and creating visual appeal to attract potential buyers.

  9. Loan Officers: Individuals working in the mortgage industry can benefit from coaching on understanding market dynamics, mortgage trends, and improving communication skills for effective client interactions.

  10. Those Considering a Career in Real Estate: Individuals exploring a career in real estate can use coaching sessions to gain foundational knowledge, understand industry nuances, and make informed decisions about pursuing a career in the field.

In essence, these weekly real estate coaching sessions are designed to accommodate a diverse audience within the real estate ecosystem, providing valuable insights and strategies to enhance the professional growth of participants regardless of their specific roles within the industry.

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