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Updated: Jan 5

What a topic!

Since most real estate agents are working part time (67%), this topic is extremely popular. I am assuming you've already watched this video 👆👆👆 and if so, let's talk about it.

How can a real estate agent who just got their license jump into real estate full time if they have no money? The answer is: They Can't!!!

I meet so many brand new agents who join our industry with a dream to one day be able to sell real estate full time. It is a worthwhile dream indeed, but achieving it is a bit more complex.

Statistics show us that 73% of all new licensees end up quitting within 12-18 months. I've been talking and writing about this for a long time and still.

So what is it that separates the best from the rest?

Does it have anything to do with what they're doing? or is it a mindset? or both?

Here's the reality:

From 100 people who attend a real estate training boot camp, only 2% take action and follow the system verbatim. These are the same 2% of agents who do 90% of the deals in any given market. The elite of top producers are the elite of action takers!

Do you see the connection?

It's a mind blowing realization.

Countless people pay for training, they take the time to sit through the process of learning, but they fail when it comes to taking ACTION. They might take action for a short period of time, or they take some action for a short period of times and then something happens to them and they quit taking the action needed for the results they wish to achieve and they wonder why the "system" isn't working for them. Thy fail to recognize, its them who isn't working, not the system.

I once heard: "When something is easy to do, it is also easy NOT to do. That is so true and it's the only explanation to the phenomenon. Only 2% of the population has what it takes to commit to something and then follow through to the end. To the end! What a wonderful approach.

So, it's not just what to do that matters, but how often you do what needs to be done and for how long you do it.

Some people never quit! no matter what! they simply won't quit! but it's not just not quitting, it's the continued action taking, their ability to do the "boring/mundane" tasks over and over and over knowing that consistency is the only way to turn the results in their favor.

So yes, I believe it is a mindset thing. But why only 2% have the right mindset?

It's the mind that tricks someone to quit, selling them on the idea that it's not for them, or that they don't like this approach (prospecting), or that they're not good at selling, or that only "X" person can do this or that, etc.

Just before quitting, what do you think the quitter thinks about?

Just before picking up the phone and calling, what do you think the winner thinks about?

Do you believe there's a difference in the way a quitter thinks vs the winner?

If so, what do you think it is?

Which one of the two are you, and why?

Answering these questions can lead to a better chance at winning! I hop you can see that.

If you wish to discover how YOU can join the 2% of people, how you can take action until you make it, I would like to invite you to a FREE coaching call. This call will be done on zoom conference. During th call, I will be asking you some important questions and at the end I will give you an easy to follow structure that can easily get you to 6 figures and once you achieve that we will get you ready for the next level (7 figures).

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