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the best schedule for real estate agents

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

I've been in business and entrepreneurship for over 22 years. What I've learned is countless and invaluable and therefore I decided to share some of the top 5% most important AHA's and "I Finally Got It" moments and discoveries I had which helped me guide, teach, coach and consult my clients and those who seek to hire my services.

When I share my thoughts and opinions I always make sure to bring you facts and statistics as well as digging deep to find what's behind the obvious, which brings me to this post.

If you watch this video 👆 (made for real estate professional but any entrepreneur can gain by following the same schedule with a few tweaks), you will gain access to a very simple schedule, which begins in the early mornings and ends about 14 hours later (with plenty of breaks in between).

Why should someone wake up at 5am? I will explain 👇

Here is a sample of a long list of early risers who achieve the highest levels of success in their field: Top athletes (sports), top performing actors/singers/dancers (entertainment), top executives and executives of business enterprises (business), top scientists (science), top producing real estate agents, and the list goes on and on..

So what is it with waking up early that is so rewarding? Well, most people (90%+) aren't able to delay instant gratification and they lack self discipline. It all starts with thoughts like: "You Live Once" and "Enjoy The Moment While It Lasts" which leads an individual to sabotage their performance and ability to do the things that successful people do, like going to sleep early (before 10pm) and waking up before 5am.

I am not saying that everyone who wakes up at 5am is rich and famous, not everyone gets to be successful just for jumping out of bed at 5am. This is just the beginning. But it is necessary for success.

During my 15 years as a business coach, working with business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, independent contractors, real estate agents and broker owners, I came to realize that what it takes for someone to change bad habits and install new/better/more positive habits is self discipline and a deeper Desiree for a better life and a better financial future.

If you interview the top 1000 real estate agents you will find them waking up in the early hours (AM) well before everyone else is up, and you will find them in their office environment before everyone else (probably before most real estate agents even wake up).

There is something magical in the habit of waking up before the sun is out. It is peaceful, it is relaxing, it is magical! But in order to do it, one must be disciplined especially when all your friends text you at 10pm from the local bar inviting you for expansive whiskey (or your favorite alcoholic beverage). Did you ever wonder why downtown Manhattan (financial district) bars are full between 5pm - 8pm? isn't that an odd hour for fancy drinks and cocktails? Well, if you're a top producing stock broker/trader, and you know you gotta be up and sharp early tomorrow morning, you drink at 5pm and sleep by 9pm. You're at the gym at 4:30am and good to go by 6am. You're sharp minded, focused, full of energy and fired up.

On the other hand there's the typical real estate agent, who does the 10pm texting inviting you for shots and "good times" at the local bar, or the one who is sitting in front of late night tv shows bench watching the last episodes of their favorite tv show (you only live once 😃). Late risers (anyone who wakes up after 7am) tend to run late, have less energy, less focus, and are very good at making excuses. They get to work a minute late (or worse) wondering why the top producers in their office are ready to eat their lunch already.

Waking up before 5am is a formula for success!

It's a different attitude!

It's a mindset thing!

It's a different mentality!

A different approach to life!

It's easy to do, but it's also easy NOT to do.

All top producers and successful individuals have something in common. It's a long list of attributes we should all aspire to gain access to. I think a list of some will clarify a thing or two so let's look at some of them...

Here below 👇

What Success People Do That You Should Copy:

- They wake up before 5am

- They possess a strong desire to grow

- They possess an enormous self discipline

- They're fired up about their vision

- They hire very well and delegate to people who can do things better

- They tackle their weak points and eliminate them

- They hire a business/personal coach

- They are obsessed (in a positive way) with achieving their goals

- They fight the urge for comfort (and stay outside their comfort zone)

- They don't allow themselves to seek instant gratification

- They stay away from negative people and situations

- They are problem solvers

- They are go getters and action takers

- They serve others with joy

- They are innovators and problem solvers

- They seek to lead with example

- They read books of other successful people

- They invest time to develop skills (usually doing it first thing in the morning)

- They don't count their money

- They give at least 10% to charity

- They are grateful for what they have

- They pray/meditate/visualize in the early hours (daily)

- They follow their schedule (especially in the early morning hours until midday)

- They have high integrity and seek to work with individuals who match their values

- They take at least 1 day off every week to be with family and have leisure time

- They take at least 1 day off (weekly) to contemplate, plan, study, learn, set goals

- They work their butts off at least 5 days a week (full schedule)

- They do whatever it takes (ethically)

- They don't point a finger unless there's a mirror in front of them

- They don't seek approval from others

- They are very comfortable with themselves (this naturally comes with high integrity)

- They don't gossip

- They exercise daily (it keeps them sharp in mind and body which is needed for high levels)

- They are loyal, seek loyalty and reward it generously

- They tell the truth (for the sake of telling the truth)

- They believe in G-d and understand their great achievements are simply blessings

- They know tomorrow is always an opportunity to do better

- They love people

- They are patient

- They are honest

- They allow other people to say the last word

- They don't have a need to be right

- They draw lines in the sand

I can continue with this list but I believe that this list 👆 is enough for most people to take home and self study in front of a mirror. If you can take on some of the things on the list and make a commitment to strive getting closer to this list, you will wake up 6 months from now, a year from now, 5 years from now, in a whole new world! You'll be more successful, more peaceful, happier, healthier, you will gain special friendships, love, success and all the good that life has to offer in abundance.

Written with love ❤️

Coach Ran Biderman

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