Video Series: How to recruit more realtors to your office

If you are a broker owner and you're looking for ways to recruit more agents, you need to understand that recruiting real estate agents (Realtors) to your brokerage, office, agency, is a long term game and you need to make a full commitment to develop systems, tools and skills for recruiting. The light between repelling and recruiting is so thin that many broker owners miss their target.

Developing skills takes time! devotion! focus! you must have a long term business plan, an approach to recruiting and you must TAKE ACTION! The first action is to listen, to learn, to grow yourself, your skills, your mind! Then you must plan, and once you have your plan, you must take action immediately to attract the real estate agents and personality styles you wish to bring on board!

If you think that recruiting is a "wing-it" approach, you're about to find out how wrong you are! Recruiting is an ART and to develop skills as an artist, the artist must become an artist before the results not after.

We will devote a few weeks to focus on this subject of recruiting Realtors, how to do it naturally, how to leverage your existing real estate agents and broker associates to help you in the process, how to create recruiting incentives the right way, etc.

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