Should you get your real estate license?

I've been asked this question countless times. It is an important question: Should I Get My

Real Estate License?

The answer is never so simple, YES you should get a real estate license! But at the same time, you should know the facts and how to prepare yourself for it.

Facts are showing that more than 70% of new real estate agents end up quitting the business in the first 12 months. I've been asking myself "Why people quit?" and the answer is clear. I am covering more information about this subject in the video above and I invite you all to take a look.

If you know anyone who's contemplating getting a real estate license, you might want to send them a link for this video, as I believe most people who aren't serious about building their real estate career shouldn't do it and I listed the reasons why.

Getting licensed requires a small investment (usually less than $1,000 between the cost of school, fees, license fees etc) and about 30-45 days of study. The rewards can be outstanding and overwhelming (if all goes well) but at the same time, since it's a small commitment to get license, many people do get it, but most of them don't do much with it.

A successful real estate career is defined by top producers who are fully committed and fully engaged in the industry. Statistics show that only 5%-10% of real estate agents become top producers (closing 25+ sales a year, consistently, year after year). These 5% of individuals tend to be/have:

  1. Extroverts (Driver/Expressive/Influential) personality

  2. Go getter approach

  3. Hard workers

  4. Disciplined!

  5. Coachable!

  6. Consistent!

  7. Determined (Strong Why)

  8. Marketing Savvy

  9. Positive Mindset &

  10. Self Motivated

Knowing yourself, and reading this list, look at the mirror and ask yourself these tough questions, before you jump on the real estate train:

  1. Am I an extrovert? Do I have a driver/expressive personality style?

  2. Am I a go getter?

  3. Am I willing to sacrifice and work hard?

  4. Am I disciplined? (be real)

  5. Am I coachable?

  6. Am I consistent and finish everything I start?

  7. Am I determined to become successful? What is my why? why do I want it?

  8. Do I have marketing skills?

  9. When times are hard, do I see the glass half full?

  10. Am I capable to stay motivated when times are hard and when the going is hard?

Being honest is the name of the game here. If a person cannot answer at least half of these questions positively, maybe real estate sales is not the answer.

Think about it, 7 out of 10 people quit! Are you a quitter? Did you ever start something (anything) and quit? a diet? an exercise commitment? a relationship?

If your motives to get licensed are simpler than "I wanna become a top producing real estate agent!", and you only wanna do a few deals a year just to help pay some bills and have something to do, maybe you should get it, but remember, if you wish to do a few deals a year, you will still need to put in the hard work and at least have half of the values mentioned above.

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