How To Make 3,000% Return (ROI) with Postcards

Sending postcards is an old trick. But I always believe that when everyone is Zigging (social media & online marketing), you should be Zagging (offline marketing and social media).

Yeah I know, many of you think that postcards aren't working, but that's because you're doing it wrong! If you are sending postcards once in a blue moon hoping that people will call you, you better not do it at all. But if you use my system for farming, if you know how to copywriter some strong messages, If you are consistent (sending postcard every 3 weeks into your farm/database), if you do it for minimum of 18 months in any given area, you will get tremendous ROI and will 10X your income! Postcards aren't enough though!!! You must also prospect in the same area you're farming. Get on the phone and contact property owners. Get your name out there. In addition, you must do Facebook targeting ads.

This (above) combo is insane! if you follow it! The minimum amount of postcards should exceed 750 and it should be mailed every 3 weeks.

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