How To Improve Mindset!

Hi everyone, it's Ran Biderman...

I want to talk about mindset!

Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is one of my favorite books. When I need to build my inner core, when I feel I am not disciplined enough or when I fall behind, I grab this book and quickly get back on track. There are 16 chapters in the book covering the core foundation of every successful man and woman. 

Beside advocating for this book, which changed my life in so many ways, I would like to refer to the subject of the first chapter in this incredible book. Chapter #1 is about the POWER OF THOUGHT! Which refers to our mindset. Thinking comes first. Before speaking comes thinking. Before doing something comes thinking. Before feeling something, we think about something first, which means, if we can learn how to direct our thoughts towards what we want and away from what we don't want, if we could learn how to focus our mind, how to control the direction of our thoughts, we can then change our lives and begin changing the world around us. Everything starts with how we think. It's a Mind Set Game! 

Let's bring the subject of mindset into our daily lives as business owners, entrepreneurs, real estate brokers, sales and marketing experts. Our mindset is everything. It is why things go well and it's also why things can sometimes go wrong. The mindset is how we literally set what we consciously think about. That is why we must be very careful who we hang out with, who we listen to, what we watch on YouTube, what we watch on Netflix, and the outcome of spending time in negativity.  

The dictionary definition of mindset is: The established set of attitudes held by someone. Attitudes held. We can actually hold an attitude and therefore we can also change it. When you hold something in your hands, you also have a choice to let it go. 

When I coach someone, a business owner, a real estate agent, a broker owner an entrepreneur, I first pay attention to their mindset and what attitudes they hold. when people  speak, they immediately reveal their attitude and therefore their mindset. All we gotta do is just listen. Listen to our own thoughts and change them when we recognize that we are on the wrong path.

The good news about mindset is that we are in control and we can make a choice, a conscious choice, to change and improve our mindset about anything, at any given time, and that includes our business, our results, what we can achieve, our dreams, our mission and everything we wish to accomplish. 

Now of course mindset is not enough, but it is the foundation. In addition we must take plenty of action, we must keep going when the going is hard, and stay on course, be persistent and consistent, and keep working towards what we wish to accomplish and never quit! That’s the real secret, never quit! 

Now, Let's get to work on our mindset. Enjoy your weekend 

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