how Hiring a real estate assistant can make you 5x your income

There are many levels of success in our industry, but when an agent decides to hire an assistant, that is when they truly go to the next level.

Trying to save money when building a business has never been profitable. You need to think about growing your production and expending your business if you wish to grow your income. Thinking that saving money can actually make you money is a delusion. I know it because I tried it on my own businesses, many times, but it never works. So what does work? Well, investing in your business and leading with revenue. I am not saying, go get a loan

(money you don't have) and invest it into your business (although that might work if you do it right, which isn't so simple). I am saying, make money and reinvest it into your business, smartly. That is why I believe most Realtors do need a coach, especially a business coach who can relate to your business as a business owner and show you what you can never see by yourself.

In this video 👆 I am sharing some really valuable information about hiring a real estate assistant, how to hire, who to hire, what to delegate, how to delegate etc. But I already know that most people (I hope you're not included in this group) will never take the leap to hire someone and then delegate to them. Hiring is challenging for most people, and delegating is also a challenge for most people. We all believe we can do the job and we can, do the job, but the issue is not getting the job done, the issue is creating more time on your schedule to do the 2 things, the only 2 things that can grow your business:

  1. Generate leads

  2. Convert Leads

If you need to do all the things by yourself, you will never have the time to grow your production. How long have you been in the business? Are you doing more than 25 deals by yourself? if so, are you doing everything by yourself? if so, do you have a life? we know the answer to that, but if you are a stubborn Realtor who knows it all, than you must be telling yourself you can do it by your own and still grow your business....well, if you think like that than you're not really doing 25+ deals by yourself.

When should you consider hiring help?

When you're closing 20+ transactions, second year in a raw, it is time!

If you want to double your income and cut in half the time you're needed in your business, hiring is the only way to get it done.

When I was closing 23 deals I hired my first assistant. The following year I passed 50 deals and hired another assistant and right after that I was at 75+ deals a year, but the most amazing breakthrough was, working less time! I was actually working less time because I delegating 80% of what I was doing as a single agent. At this time I hired my first buyer agent and shortly after I hired another one. But what I am trying to tell you here is, WHEN YOU HIRE YOUR FIRST ASSISTANT who actually is a good fit for the job (watch my video above to learn how to do that), you will never look back! This is the truth! There's nothing else to add to it.

Should I hire an assistant before I get to 20 deals by myself?

If you can afford to hire an assistant and pay a salary without chocking the business, then yes you could, but I like to lead with revenue, meaning, use the money I make to reinvest into the business to hire people, pay for advertising, branding etc. Make money FIRST but don't linger. Move! meaning, when you pass 20 deals a year, you have the money to hire! don't overthink it, just do it! but make sure you hire an SC or CS profile and follow the recommendations I made in the video above.

Do I have to hire a licensed assistant?

Well, that's a good question. The simple answer is, no you don't. You can easily work with an unlicensed assistant AS ALONG AS YOU FOLLOW THE STATE LAW AND RULES regarding unlicensed assistant. I suggest you check in your state before making a final decision.

You can also hire a VA to do a lot of things for you. As a matter fo fact, if you know how to hire and how to train very well, you could easily hire 3 VA's before ever hiring a full time assistant (it will cost you less to hire 3 VA's than 1 assistant). But you can only delegate to them things that don't require license! For example, they obviously can't cold call for you or solicit. But they can easily build your database, find leads, organize files, send certain emails, do social media, organize open house arrangements, pick up calls, texts, send postcards, emails etc.

I feel ready to hire someone but I am not sure about the process, what should I do?

That's an easy question to answer, contact me! I am offering a free consultation to anyone who feels ready but unsure.

Peace ✌️

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