Grow Your Brokerage Without The Grind

Many of you have been contacting me about the catch 22 situation. On one hand you must produce to pay the bills, on the other you must recruit and grow the brokerage. As a matter of fact most broker owners run a small shop, the owner is the main producer and 2-5 agents simply servicing leads. But for that you don't need a brokerage. As a matter of fact you better of building a team under another brokerage who can also service you and help you grow your production. Why would anyone wanna own their own brokerage if they don't intend to grow it and make money by recruiting a lot of agents and helping these agents to produce, proving coaching, training, support, branding, marketing, admin, systems, tools etc.

If you're a broker owner and you actually want to build a brokerage (instead of being a producer), listen to my message and let's have a chat about it. I can help you!

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