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are you happy?

OK listen, I come across a lot of real estate agents that are very successful, achieving their goals, making a lot of money, going on vacations, and having a good lifestyle. But very few people are actually happy. Happiness has nothing to do with success, with money, with achieving goals. Happiness is something else.

So how do you achieve happiness?

As a top producing real estate agent, a coach, a successful consultant, I've come across many situations where the less fortunate are actually happier. I have asked myself many times, OK now that I've purchased my new car, my dream car, and I've been driving it for 10 days, how come I'm not excited about it anymore as much as I used to be before I purchased it?

Is it a car that makes you happy? Is it paying off your debt? Or maybe purchasing a new house? Or going on another vacation? Is happiness waiting for me somewhere in the future? Or is it something that I can achieve right now with no correlation to my achievements, successes, track record...?

Let's be real, as long as we think about the next "thing" and believe it will bring us happiness, at that very moment we set ourselves up for failure, for emptiness, moving away from the feeling of happiness.

The grass is not greener. The top producer in your market, or your office, is not happier than you because they get more deals done! they're not happier than you because they own a bigger house, a better car, live in a better neighborhood.

Now don't get me wrong, I am all for success, achieving goals, going to higher levels of success, but not as a search for happiness. Success has nothing to do with happiness. Some people say, if you're not happy you're not successful...really? I don't think that qualifies as an actual fact! I know many successful people in our industry that don't know how to be happy. Being happy is a side effect of BEING GRATEFUL. That is the ONLY way to happiness. And the beautiful thing about it is we can all be happy right now because we all have things to be grateful for. Let me give you some examples:

Did you get up this morning? Remember there was someone else who did not get up this morning and was buried shortly after.

Can you taste the food you're eating? Remember there is someone out there who doesn't taste the food they are eating.

Can you see with both eyes? Remember there are many people out there who are blind.

Can you wave goodbye? Remember some people can't wave, they have no arms.

Should I really continue giving you reasons to be happy and grateful for?

If you made it into a habit to stop every day a couple of times a day, and contemplate on all the things you should be grateful for, visualizing all the things you were blessed with, and feeling grateful. When you do this exercise every day, after a very short period of time, you will begin feeling happier. Happiness is an outcome of the ability to be grateful. There is no other way to happiness. So, let's all choose now, let's be grateful every day, let's look for reasons to be grateful, and make sure you say thank you when you talk to your creator, to God. ❤️

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