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4 Levels Of Coachability

Hi everyone Coach Ran Biderman here...

I would like to talk to you about the meaning of coachability.

Coachability is the key to performance breakthrough! If you’re a real estate agent, team leader or a broker owner who seek to grow your business and go to the next level, and for any entrepreneurs and business owners who feel ready to scale up their business.

The one essential requirement for Coachability is your willingness to listen and to utilize external input and influences.

In Reality there are four levels of coachability:

#1. Someone who is Not coachable - when you feel you already knows everything, you are not open to grow and step outside your comfort zone and you listen only to your own voice.

#2. Someone who is Selectively coachable - when you do what's asked of you but only when you feel like it. The selectively coachable mostly go there own way.

#3. Someone who is reluctantly coachable - when you do everything that is asked of you but you doubt it. The reluctantly coachable are never fully committed

#4 are those who are completely coachable - when you do everything asked of you, you surrender your own voice, you trust and empower your coach.

Top level performers, the elite of performers in any industry are completely coachable and therefore because of it, they reach the top in their field.

So before assuming you’re ready for your next level ask yourself: Am I completely coachable?

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