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Become a listing specialist 

I will design a specific action plan for you & help you add 25 sales to your current production by becoming a listing specialist.


Program's including:

  • How to build a listing generation machine

  • How to automate your lead generation process

  • What to say to get more listing appointments 

  • How to memorize scripts & dialogs 

  • What is the right way to role play​

  • How to design your listing presentation  

  • What to say during the pre-qualifying call

  • What should be in the pre-listing package

  • How to handle objections like a pro 

  • How to match personality styles

  • How to get more "salable" listings 

  • ​The program includes a free access to our signature product, The Foundation (home study program)

  • and more!

Working With Investors


Program's including:

  • Picking an investment niche

  • Picking the right investment properties

  • Choosing the right investors to work with

  • Working with international investors

  • Preparing your follow up system

  • Investment property types 

  • How to calculate different rates of return

  • How to build an investors database

  • What to feed your database  

  • Specific language (what to say to investors)

  • Specific tools to attract motivated sellers 

  • Handling objections

  • Lead follow up

  • Building and maintaining momentum

  • Using your database to grow your database 

  • Controlling your local real estate investment market

  • and more!

In a Meeting
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Sales Language Mastery


In this 2 full days training event Ran will teach you what to say (scripts, dialogs, NLP techniques) in order to book more appointments and get more listings and contracts signed. 

Program's including:

  • Learning scripts & dialogs

  • Role playing techniques

  • What to say when you call FSBO's

  • What to say when you contact an expired listing

  • What to say while door knocking

  • What to say to investors

  • What to say to past clients and center of influence 

  • How to negotiate contracts 

  • How to get buyer's exclusives 

  • How to grow your listing inventory

  • How to get buyers & sellers to cooperate with you

  • And much more!


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