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Get Ready For the new year...

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

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I'm assuming you're busy...That's great!

Now let's make sure you continue building momentum in your business and naturally get busier in 2021.

Projecting what your business will do in 2021 is EASY when you know what you're doing.

I know COVID threw many of us off plan a "bit" in 2020, but if we are devoted to growing ourselves and our businesses then every adversity will naturally bring us another layer of strength and a bigger commitment to grow.

Growing a business starts from within, within ourselves, meaning as entrepreneurs and real estate professionals we are the business, literally, our face and skills are the doorman and therefore we must devote ourselves to personal development before we seek to grow our business.

Every year at around this time (October) I urge all my clients and colleagues to take time and reflect on what was accomplished in the past 10 months and start writing a business plan for next year.

Start by asking yourself:

What do you wish to accomplish?

Do you want to achieve more or less than (this past year)?

If you wish to achieve more, are you ready for the challenges?

If you want more, do you know what to do in order to get it?

Remember, when you begin writing a plan, you must set realistic and daring goals (at the same time), goals that are pushing you outside of your comfort zone!

I hope you don't expect to grow in the coming months if you're not willing to make the sacrifice needed for that growth.

Growing means, a full commitment to personal development,

It means finding new talent and delegating,

It means investing in your business,

It means hiring, training, babysitting,

It means taking extra care of every client,

It means doing the things (even when you don't like it),

It means stepping outside your comfort zone,

It means being more flexible and more versatile,

It means devoting yourself to improve your skills and getting better at what makes your business better (prospecting, lead follow up, negotiating, presenting, marketing).

I know you wanna make more money!

I know you wanna generate more motivated leads!

I know you wanna buy an investment property!

I know you want to get more referrals, more listing appointments, more exclusives, more money, more time freedom, more of everything that is valuable for you.

We all do!

There's NOTHING wrong with wanting more.

Everyone does.

That's what hope is all about, dreaming about better days, easier life, happiness, joy, love, prosperity.

What I don't connect with though is how someone expects to achieve more without pouring more of themselves, doing more, without expecting much in return, doing for the sake of doing, whatever it takes for your business to grow.

One simple and easy task I give my clients is:

Tracking everything they do, so they could duplicate what works best and eliminate the rest!

But when one doesn't measure their activities, they destroy the chance to figure out what works and what doesn't.

If you are just busy busy busy...

like an ant...

without a plan...

just working it

Btw All ants have a plan,

they plan for winter all year round,

You might want to consider being an ant for a little while,

if you are just working without measuring where the deals are coming from, how did you pick up that last client? where did it come from/ how many buyer side deals did you do in 2020? how did you get these clients? how many listings did you get? how did you get these listings? what marketing works well? how well is it working? how much did you invest in it? how much did it make you (ROI)? what marketing effort did not work? what should you eliminate from your business? and on and on...

Asking the right questions, writing the answers, rewriting it all, reading it, reading it again, erasing, adding, over and over until you have a perfect formula to SCALE UP everything that works and ELIMINATE everything else that doesn't work. That is what business planning is all about and you should, heck, you must!do it! do it now!

Top producers plan. Top producers know what they want. Top producers measure everything and track everything they are doing. They must. Otherwise they're not top producers.

Remember, getting a real estate license is not an achievement unless you successfully learn how to make money with it! otherwise it's just another expense.

Write with love by me ☺️

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